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Ortho-Bionomy For Athletes

To excel and perform at the level athletes need to, it takes hours and hours of training. During those hours, patterns are formed in the fascia that support the muscles, joints and bones. These patterns support the body's movements most commonly practiced, your repetitive motions. The down side is these patterns can also restrict the free movement throughout your body and can be felt as “tightening up”.


As an athlete it is important that you release these patterns to prevent the risk of injury. You can also increase the flexibility and resilience of your body as well as reduce the amount of energy required to perform your sport or activity. This enables you to work harder for longer at your current level of fitness.


Your reflexes are crucial for refining a movement to make it as efficient as possible, which is the key to increasing your strength and operating at peak performance. By using Ortho-Bionomy ® and our Core2Cranium Program to work on your bodies proprioceptive reflexes, your benefit is more efficient movements that will minimize the amount of energy used on your muscles.


If you are an athlete and want to up your game, contact me and ask me about Core2Cranium.

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