Cozy Meyer

My name is Cozy Meyer and I am proud to be partnering with Ease into Balance.


I love my business because it feels so joyous and exciting to me when my clients leave after one hour with a positive difference in how they feel. It’s more than just feeling temporarily relaxed. They are standing a little taller, they have more color in their face or they feel an ease in their body because their pain is gone.


But there was a time when it wasn't so. I became a licensed massage therapist in 2003, I noticed people kept coming coming back to  me over and over again for the same aches and pain. I was doing deep tissue massage as I was trained and my clients felt relaxed but they didn’t feel BETTER. I wanted them to feel pain relief not just for a few minutes- but for good. I was frustrated. I wasn't helping them more. As a person with fibromyalgia myself, the level of exertion to achieve and maintain the pressure needed to do deep tissue was difficult on me-so I knew it had to be no fun for them either.


So I went back to the drawing board.  I drew on my knowledge of how mechanical things work. Surprisingly, I was an auto mechanic for ten years, after all-our bodies are the perfect machines. I also attended classes  in Ortho-Bionomy(R). Learning the gentler aspects of addressing the human body has helped me to relieve your pain and to bring back balance to the body systems. it is gentle yet effective.


When you experience one of my sessions, the most important thing you get is someone who actually believes and understands you when you tell me you’re hurting. You also get relief that lasts longer-often permanently without the pain of deep tissue work. I’m so excited about how I help my clients.