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It's His Pain, but It's OUR Life! is designed to be a resource for couples in which one partner deals with chronic pain or other debilitating medical issues. We focus on finding balance in life and maintaining a healthy, fulfilling relationship with each other and the uninvited guest called "Pain". 


Join our MeetUp and Facebook group to get connected with others who deal with this same kind of situation. 


Watch for meeting notices, workshops, seminars and other opportunities to share stories and learn about important resources we all need.


What We Are About: 

-Chronic Pain


-Pain Management 

-Chronic Illness

-Alternative Medicine

-Healthy Living

-Pain Relief


-Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue

-Chronic Pain Natural Solutions


-Essential Oil & Herbs in Pain Management

-Managing Chronic Pain

-Managing Chronic Pain without Prescription Drugs

-Anyone with Pain or Supporting someone with Pain

-Pain Free or Pain management - you choose!

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